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Fundamentals of Quebec Business Law and Ethics

We have recently received an influx of email from students enrolled at Concordia University, McGill University, and CCSQ regarding a book titled “Fundamentals of Quebec Business Law and Ethics” by Nick Papatheodorakos. This book is not published by us and we are not affiliated with it in any way whatsoever, nor are we capable of helping you find, buy, or otherwise acquire it.

If you are looking for this book, please inform your professor or instructor that we are not the proper source for acquiring this book and cannot help you find it. Cursory investigation has determined that the “Paladin Publications” in question should be found at, but the site appears to be defunct and unreachable. As such, we cannot provide assistance as to how to find the actual publisher of “Fundamentals of Quebec Business Law and Ethics.”

Fundamentals of Quebec Business Law and Ethics

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