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Paladin Publications, LLC is Formed

On Sunday, May 3, 2020, Paladin Publications was formally incorporated as Paladin Publications, LLC.

Paladin Publications LLC Articles of Organization

Formation as a Limited Liability Company has been the first major goal since forming Paladin Publications in mid-2019 and serves as the basis for all future plans and projects. Though LLC formation wasn’t legally or financially required, formation as a single business entity will serve as an “umbrella” for all current and future projects and plans.

To that extent, freelance writing services, which have been provided by me DBA Daniel Mattia, will now fall under the Paladin Publications, LLC banner. Similarly, my fantasy fiction will now be formally published under the Paladin Publications imprint. Other projects, such as Indie Book DB and other as-yet-unpublished sites, will also be fully managed and run by the soon-to-expand Paladin Publications team.

What’s this all mean for you?

There is an as-yet-unfulfilled niche within our culture, desperate for unique, informative, and engaging content free of any ulterior agendas. Paladin Publications intends to fill this niche by redefining publishing and adhering to a strict set of values that allow us to create, deliver, and publish content our — and your — readers want. We promise:

  • All work produced on a freelance/work-for-hire basis be accurate, honest, well-researched, data-driven, and supported by fact and evidence
  • Our fiction work to be story-rich and true-to-context, free of any real-world political agendas and slants
  • To be as open, honest, and transparent in our dealings, both public-facing and private, with our team, readership, clients, and ourselves
  • To redefine publishing by giving readers what they want — no more and no less
  • To support our team, clients, readers, and fellow creators/authors — let’s work together to create, publish, and market things worth enjoying, from informative articles on life insurance to magic-filled worlds of dragons and wonder

I’m so excited for what we have in store in the near- and distant future. It’s an exciting time for digital creatives, online content producers, and newpub authors, and I’m looking forward to using Paladin Publications to support our clients, creators, and — especially — readers.

Daniel Mattia

Paladin Publications Owner & Director of Operations

Paladin Publications, LLC is Formed

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