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Writing Right is a podcast about all things writing — and how to do them right. In each episode, hosts Daniel Mattia and Sam Baker will discuss different types of writing, from creative to nonfiction, fanfic and freelance writing, and everything in between (and outside). Topics range in size and scope, from tips on writing well to overcoming imposter syndrome, or how best to edit your work or query an agent. Recent events and happenings in writing-related industries are also discussed and opined upon, providing a wide breadth of ideas and broaching a variety of interests and areas of expertise.

Each episode also includes a special appearance from a guest host or interviewee who is active in some type of writing, editing, or publishing capacity.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional author, freelance writer, literary agent, editor, or someone else who shares our passion for writing, join us to discuss Writing Right.

New episodes are uploaded to Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube every two weeks. A transcript is also posted on the Writing Right website shortly after each episode goes live.

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